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    Monday, February 24, 2020

    Sheryl Underwood Radio Comes To Angry Kids 24-7 Radio - Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

    Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, proudly welcomes Sheryl Underwood Radio, to our morning lineup.

    Monday-Friday 1:00pm-5:00pm EST.

    Sheryl Underwood Radio is entertaining and features one of the funniest and smartest comedians working today – Sheryl Underwood – and a crew of seasoned radio and entertainment veterans.

    Sheryl Underwood Radio is smart and speaks to the issues and interests of the Urban (18-34) and Urban Adult Contemporary (25-54) listeners. Sheryl Underwood Radio is relevant, tackling the hot topics of the day in a snappy, engaging, informative format.

    The innovative Sheryl Underwood Radio show provides an energetic conversation about relationships, entertainment, sports and hot topics of the day, and YOU provide the music your listeners want to hear.

    Sheryl Underwood Radio airs on over 457 radio affiliates, with an estimated reach of over 14 million listeners by the combined reach of the strength of the signals 457 affiliates.

    Angry Kids 24-7 Radio is to Sheryl Underwood Radio apart of the family.

    Download the Live365 app and search Angry Kids 24-7 Radio.

    Thursday, February 20, 2020

    Need Music Promo? - Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

    Stressing out over your Spotify numbers? Tired of looking for places to promote your music? Well, check this out. 

    Get Spotify playlist placements(at least 3 Lists), Radio Station placement(2 Songs) and a full-page Blog article written about you and your music... Plus, as an added bonus get a 20 min live interview that will air on the radio station and on-demand. 

    All for the low price of $50 for one month...

    Royalties paid by both Spotify and the Radio Station, Angry Kids 24-7 Radio...


    About Angry Kids 24-7 Radio:
    Angry Kids 24-7 Radio, presents a diverse mix of music and entertainment programming, exclusively for online Radio. Our lineup is headlined by underground and independent music, from various genres.

    Friday, February 7, 2020

    Dat Dozier Is Making The Rap World Say Whoa - Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

    Born into music on April 8, 1987, Keegan Dozier aka Dat Dozier was raised in a small town of Orange Grove(Gulfport), Mississippi. 

    Influenced by his father, Richard Grant Dozier, who ran sound and produced music for the Gulf Coast Coliseum, followed his footsteps when he passed in 1998. Dat Dozier has been bringing an original style of music to the Gulf Coast ever since trying to bring his father's dreams to life.

    Follow Dat Dozier on Spotify

    With his unique rockstar Swagga and on-beat versatility, he has been taking over the coast city-by-city. You can hear this in songs such as, "Make Em Say Whoa", "Blah" and his newest single "Runaway". Dat Dozier works with artists from around the world, proving that he can stand toe to toe with anyone lyrically.

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    His drive from his past-life experiences and new-life changes have brought him to a whole new level to show the Globe what real music is. What's next for Dat Dozier? Live performances, video shoots, and more bangers. Clearly, he's on a come up and we predict he will be around for a long time to come.

    For Booking Info

    Check out Dat on the No Label Radio Spotify Playlist

    Friday, January 31, 2020

    XodeviousoX Is Hittin Hard With Iron Mic - Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

    Boxing hasn't had a true knockout artist in quite some time. Hip Hop, on the other hand, may have found a knock out artist right in the heart of America. XodeviousoX.

    Born in Denver, CO. XO has been carving out hits for years. He listened to the music his mother would play while he was growing up. Different eras and genres. Influenced by hitmakers such as LL Cool J, Kurtis Blow, and BBD, the heavy hitter from Denver decided to take his career to another level. Freestyling and doing shows since 2006, XO created a semi-pro home studio to develop his style.

    The hard work paid and he released his first major LP "REIGN". Working with producers and artists from around the country, XO made it his mission to become the knock out artist his friends and family knew he could be. With songs such as Miss My Flight, Gangsta, and the Angry Kids 24-7 Radio chart-topper Iron Mic, "REIGN" made the underground Hip Hop world take notice.

    With a solid project behind him now XO feels it's time to expand his growing fan base. Concentrating on shows and dropping new music, Xodeviousox is completely focused on his career. Playlist curators are placing his music on their popular lists each day, proving that his music is universal.

    Promoters are getting in contact with Xodeviousox more and more these days... He puts on a show for his fans and if you get a chance to see him live, do it.

    Contact Information:

    Check Out XoDeviouSoX on the Norman's Cay Radio Spotify Playlist

    Sunday, October 13, 2019

    E.M.P's Battle To The Top - Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

    After years of putting in work on the battle rap scene in Tulsa, OK. E.M.P is now making serious noise thanks to his latest release Piece By Piece... The Tulsa native got his start in 2013, inspired by Tech N9ne and Slaughterhouse, E.M.P has fused his aggressive battle style with cleverly written concepts and he's created a brand of his own. Using a Rock combined with Hip Hop sound as his backdrop, he's creating incredible music for his fans.

    E.M.P has complete control of his art. Serving as Engineer and Producer of his own music gives him complete freedom that he loves. More recently the self-contained artist has been doing a lot of work for other artists outside of Tulsa. Artists are gravitating to his sound and of course, if you have a sound that others like, they will come calling. While the outside opportunities continue to flood in, E.M.P does have new music on the way. Along with many features to back that up.

    Keeping himself busy with recording, producing and engineering gigs, Promoters have still found ways to get him to perform at live events. E.M.P is using his live performances to interact with his fans more than ever now. Which has helped his social media following expand, streams and playlist adds, along with radio airplay. His track Invincible featuring Nick Leflore continues to climb the Angry Kids 24-7 Radio charts.

    What's next for this creative artist? New music, production, and live shows. E.M.P has his plate full, we don't doubt he'll eat it up like the emcees he's battled over the years.   

    To book E.M.P for Live events, Features or Production/Engineering

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    Check out E.M.P on the AK Nation Playlist

    Saturday, July 6, 2019

    Young Malakai Is Drippin With Swag - Angry Kids 24-7 Radio

     Since the age of 14, Young Malakai has been creating music. Being introduced to Reginald Cherry of 901 Entertainment, opened the door for Young Malakai in more ways than one. 

    Follow Young Malakai on Spotify


      While working for 901 Entertainment, she was able to write for various artists and did features for Legendary Music Producer, DJ Kirk. She took a break from music after leaving 901 Entertainment. Which didn't last long. During the spring of 2011, Young Malakai reconnected with Memphis based producer The1andonlyKrunk, to record new tracks but decided not to release the work. Fans are still asking for that project.

    Subscribe To Young Malakai on Youtube

        After the death of her brother in 2013, Young Malakai decided to dedicate her time to what she loves the most, her music. Stepping back into the studio, Young Malakai recorded her first major single, which was very successful on YouTube called "I Ain't Playin With You". Speaking to friends in the industry and having a conversation with DJ Zirk, Young Malakai did some soul searching and wrote the song "Change". She was then flooded with tracks from various producers around the globe, itching to work with her. This led to her releasing her most successful music to date, "New Drip", "Make It" and "Play Fair". Each song shows how far Young Malakai has come lyrically and her ability to pick tracks that fit her voice and sound.

        Gone are the days when Producers would dictate what her sound should be like. She's taken complete control of her career. She's doing the type of music that's in heart and releasing it at her own pace. With live shows and videos on deck, Young Malakai is ready to shake up Memphis hip hop for years to come. Her new album "Live From The Truck Stop" is expected to be released in August of 2019, which will indeed be her biggest project to date. Fans have patiently waited for this album and she plans on giving them a classic. Young Malakai is ready to take on the World now and with her skills, we expect her to win.

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